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Don’t Be Slave to Default Plugins

WordPress offers a range of features to its users but these features are not adequate for all kinds of websites. Each and every website has its own requirements, and for it, customised plugins are required to make the design flexible and smart. Our WordPress customization service ensures we provide to our customers what they actually need.

Add Improved Functionality to your WordPress

More the flexibility, easier will it be for you to incorporate design-related functionalities and elements. We’ve helped our clients to include almost anything on their websites in a creative and aesthetically appealing manner, thanks to the customised plugins we develop at amazingly inexpensive prices.

We serve you, not our industry

MacMillan Design is a well-known WordPress plugin development company that understand your needs and requirements. Providing you the easiest and the best possible backend has always been our primary concern. But, this is not possible with default plugins. We develop customised plugins to meet your specific demands.

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Features of Our WordPress Plugins

As an experienced WordPress Plugin development company, we understand your exact requirements. Thus we provide you with some of the most important must have plugins depending on the sector your website falls into apart from the customised WordPress Plugins. These ensure your website gets the flexibility of doing anything and everything on your website.

Custom Plugin

Developing new plugins as per your business requirements

Upgrading Old Plugins

Upgrading Plugins to stay relevant with latest WordPress upgrades

Effective Plugin

Ensuring that our plugins are well integrated with the latest WordPress version

Theme-Based Plugin

Designing the plugin that actually meets your requirements and supplements your page’s theme

Plugin Customization

Adding more features to the existing plugin

Making Plugins more

Revamping the existing plugin to make it easier for you to use

Let’s Make it Easier for You to Use Your Website and Improve its Functionality.

Enhanced plugins will help you implement custom elements on your website with more flexibility. Get in touch with us to know how our custom plugins can bring a paradigm shift in your handling of WordPress.

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