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The strategic leverage for small businesses nationwide.

We provide mobile application solutions for small companies, startups, and non-profits. Our top-tier experts have worked all over the globe building an impressive library of experience. We leverage that experience to build your online products through customized digital solutions.
Our client’s success is as critical as our own, and that is why we only support quality companies, startups, and non-profits. Together we can thrive online as we build your presence through web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
We are your digital one-stop-shop offering a wide range of services: custom WordPress websites and e-commerce solutions, managed hosting, fully managed SEO packages, and even content creation — it is all here for you. We provide excellent, cutting-edge solutions for every need.
We’ve been growing businesses online for over 23 years, and our method is simple. We listen to our client’s needs and then translate those needs into compelling, efficient solutions for web and mobile platforms. We embrace the latest technologies and development trends, making your online goals a reality.

Why Choose Us: One Shop to Meet All Your Digital Needs.

Here at MacMillan Design, we get it. We recognize how hard it is to wade through the endless options and choose a web specialist you can trust. Whether this is your first exposure to the market or you’re a seasoned business owner looking to expand and grow, we’ve got you covered. We understand the startup world and what it takes to break into the online arena. We also understand what it takes to bust online growth plateaus and take your business to the next level.
In addition to our expertise, we have a strong reputation for serving happy clients. Quality service is a habit learned and passed down by a culture of gratitude. We are delighted to be here and thankful that you are here too. Our goal is to collaborate with our clients, and build something together that that will impress us both.

Got Questions? Talk is Cheap. (Free Actually.)

If you’re looking to get your name online through quality web design and development, get in touch with our team. We can turn your startup name into a fully-fledged competitive brand. Let’s start with a conversation to discuss where you are versus where you want to be. Then we will build a plan to get you there.

  • These folks built an amazing site for me. I didn't really even have to do much after the first few interviews. Design, words, all of it. Site turned out beautiful and I'm getting more calls from it. However, it's 4 stars for now, until the SEO kicks in — if it works like they say I'll give them star number 5.

    Dall Blackie
  • We felt almost invisible. We built websites, hired SEO companies… they happily took money and didn't really help. MacMillan Design acted like they worked here. Matt still calls us and asks if we're ok, and how's business. Business is amazing Matt. Thank you! We don't know how you do it, but wow. To you out there reading this: These people care. Just ask Matt about small business and listen. They believe in small businesses like it's a calling.

    Fitz Graykeal
  • They built us a great site, even did the content for us. That was good, but we didn't realize how fast the site would grow. After 4 months of "SEO" we were about to stop anymore work and then the site TOOK OFF. Suddenly we didn't have time to think about advertising or much else!! Matt warned us to get ready and reassured us... "trust the process". Wow. We had no idea. Thank you guys!!

    Grace Little
  • You did great! Staff up and stop the waiting list! Now that I know what you're capable off I realize we could have been growing faster if you could have done my AdWords sooner. Lots of calls now.

    Kayla Bailey
  • I'm still not sure what a URL is, but I don't think I need to now. Matt kept it simple, and handled E V E R Y T H I N G. Before this I went through two web companies and a DIY nightmare. Wish I found you sooner.

    Hilda Parks
  • I love my site, thank you!

    P Gomez
  • I've had a lot of "web guys" but this was the first time I felt like I was dealing with a team of professionals. These guys knew every part of the process and just handled it. Very happy I found em, and you will be too. Awesome work, guys.

    Ethan Trout
  • I've been working with MacMillan Design for years, and finally, four sites later, here's my review. If you're reading this and you're using another web or SEO company, you're making a huge mistake. Wake up. Call Matt. Save money and make so so much more money wth their services. No mater how good you think your web person is, they aren't. Trust me. You will see.

    Robert Mason
  • I didn't believe them when they told me they're average conversion rates on ads. I was wrong. Matt, I lost the bet, here's your review. :) Well earned, my friend. Keep it up.

    Ruby Gutierrez
  • I've been with MacMillan Designs since 2014, and I wouldn't think of going elsewhere for a web design / internet marketing solution. Matt and his team took my ideas for a website and brought a solution that has generated 30%+ growth to my business. In addition to driving growth, the website also saw a precipitous drop in scheduling errors. Not only is his team good at providing a high-end solution at a fair price, you are also partnering with someone who will be a consistent touch point for further ideas for growth. One last thing, I receive compliments at least once a quarter on the quality of the website.

    Robert Bowers

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