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Small Business Website Packages

Hassle-free website packages for small businesses that help boost leads, conversions, and sales.

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Get an effective small business website that puts you at the top of Google, attracts your perfect lead, and closes more sales – without the hard work!

Hassle-free Website Packages for Small Business

Boost Leads, Conversions, and Sales with Personalized, Expert Small Business Website Design Packages

Start Now by Choosing from our Small Business Website Packages and Smart Add-On Options to Get a Website That Wows Your Audience – It’s Easy!

Your audience is online – which means you have to be, too. Get a custom business website design from reliable, US-based experts!

  • GET CUSTOM DESIGNED SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITES that give you better online visibility and helps you to grow by attracting new leads and selling more
  • BUILD YOUR BRAND EFFORTLESSLY with expert help that grows your digital presence while positioning you as the first choice for your industry in your area
  • WORK WITH SMALL BUSINESS SPECIALISTS with a background in bootstrapping many small businesses; we share your entrepreneurial passion
  • RELAX WITH A FULL-SERVICE small business website design package service that delivers everything you need – focus on what you do best, instead
  • GET STARTED TODAY by selecting one of our packages or contact us today for a free, no-obligations consultation session to find out how we can help you

Business Owners Love Our Website Packages for Small Business Services

  • Hilda Parks Avatar
    Hilda Parks

    Small Business Website Packages 1 I'm still not sure what a URL is, but I don't think I need to now. Matt kept it simple, and handled E V E R Y T H I N G. Before this I went through two web companies and a DIY nightmare. Wish I found you sooner. - 5/29/2020

  • Kayla Bailey Avatar
    Kayla Bailey

    Small Business Website Packages 1 You did great! Staff up and stop the waiting list! Now that I know what you're capable off I realize we could have been growing faster if you could have done my AdWords sooner. Lots of calls now. - 5/29/2020

  • Dall Blackie Avatar
    Dall Blackie

    Small Business Website Packages 1 These folks built an amazing site for me. I didn't really even have to do much after the first few interviews. Design, words, all of it. Site turned out beautiful and I'm getting more calls from it. However, it's 4 stars for now, until the SEO kicks in — if it works like they say I'll give them star number 5. - 5/29/2020

  • Fitz Graykeal Avatar
    Fitz Graykeal

    Small Business Website Packages 1 We felt almost invisible. We built websites, hired SEO companies… they happily took money and didn't really help. MacMillan Design acted like they worked here. Matt still calls us and asks if we're ok, and how's business. Business is amazing Matt. Thank you! We don't know how you do it, but wow. To you out there reading this: These people care. Just ask Matt about small business and listen. They believe in small businesses like it's a calling. - 5/29/2020

  • Grace Little Avatar
    Grace Little

    Small Business Website Packages 1 They built us a great site, even did the content for us. That was good, but we didn't realize how fast the site would grow. After 4 months of "SEO" we were about to stop anymore work and then the site TOOK OFF. Suddenly we didn't have time to think about advertising or much else!! Matt warned us to get ready and reassured us... "trust the process". Wow. We had no idea. Thank you guys!! - 5/29/2020

  • Ethan Trout Avatar
    Ethan Trout

    Small Business Website Packages 1 I've had a lot of "web guys" but this was the first time I felt like I was dealing with a team of professionals. These guys knew every part of the process and just handled it. Very happy I found em, and you will be too. Awesome work, guys. - 4/29/2020

  • Robert Mason Avatar
    Robert Mason

    Small Business Website Packages 1 I've been working with MacMillan Design for years, and finally, four sites later, here's my review. If you're reading this and you're using another web or SEO company, you're making a huge mistake. Wake up. Call Matt. Save money and make so so much more money wth their services. No mater how good you think your web person is, they aren't. Trust me. You will see. - 4/29/2020

  • Ruby Gutierrez Avatar
    Ruby Gutierrez

    Small Business Website Packages 1 I didn't believe them when they told me they're average conversion rates on ads. I was wrong. Matt, I lost the bet, here's your review. 🙂 Well earned, my friend. Keep it up. - 4/29/2020

  • P Gomez Avatar
    P Gomez

    Small Business Website Packages 1 I love my site, thank you! - 4/29/2020

  • Robert Bowers

    Small Business Website Packages 1 I've been with MacMillan Designs since 2014, and I wouldn't think of going elsewhere for a web design / internet marketing solution. Matt and his team took my ideas for a website and brought a solution that has generated 30%+ growth to my business. In addition to driving growth, the website also saw a precipitous drop in scheduling errors. Not only is his team good at providing a high-end solution at a fair price, you are also partnering with someone who will be a consistent touch point for further ideas for growth. One last thing, I receive compliments at least once a quarter on the quality of the website. - 6/30/2019

  • Dave Barrs Avatar
    Dave Barrs

    Small Business Website Packages 1 We’ve worked with MacMillan Design for over 2 years. Matt is somewhat of a unicorn. He quickly understood the big vision for our company. Then he and his team coupled that with the ability to manage IT development and built a robust platform to attract and serve our clients. When you look for folks who understand both the business issues, messaging, IT development as well as the creative side, it’s easy to find a lot of flaky people to waste your time and opportunity. Matt and his team are the real deal. I trust them implicitly to get the job done for me. - 5/28/2019

  • Jennifer Eicher Avatar
    Jennifer Eicher

    Small Business Website Packages 1 My company has been working with the MacMillan Design team for years on both online and offline design projects, and they have been an invaluable partner for us. Designing and implementing everything from straightforward WordPress websites, to web applications in various coding languages, to UX/UI upgrades and revisions, to designing offline digital diagnostic reports, we wouldn't even think of launching a new product or of revising an existing one without reaching out the MacMillan Design team first. They have been trusted advisers to us for many years, and we plan to partner with them for many years to come. - 5/24/2019

  • Brenda Flores Avatar
    Brenda Flores

    Small Business Website Packages 1 WOW, am I impressed with the website MacMillan built for me. Beautiful bold colors that complimented my book cover and far more information than I every expected. MacMillan's website addressed every aspect and request that I wanted and then some. Never in a million years did I fathom that I would have a website that looked like this. So professional and impressive. My customers will be dazzled, and the ease of purchasing is at their fingertips. No confusion. I highly recommend MacMillan Design to anyone looking for a new website designer or for those looking to upgrade for a dramatic improvement. - 5/24/2019

  • Tom Archer Avatar
    Tom Archer

    Small Business Website Packages 1 I’ve been work with MacMillan Design for 7 years and the service has been stellar. They actively try to find things to upgrade and change on my site without me having to ask. Their customer service is punctual and reliable. They are a big reason why my business has grown every year. - 5/24/2019

  • Michael Stewart Avatar
    Michael Stewart

    Small Business Website Packages 1 This is my third year in working with MacMillan Design on web and app projects. Yes, they provide expert knowledge and effective results (growth rates have exceeded expectations), but they've done so with the care and attention to detail that makes you feel as if they're a part of your company, working with the same passion and dedication you do. - 5/23/2019

  • Barbara Waldrep Avatar
    Barbara Waldrep

    Small Business Website Packages 1 The quality and professionalism of MacMillan Design is beyond any other builder of web applications and custom websites that I have worked with. If you are looking for an upscale website that will bring more business to your business then I highly recommend MacMillan Design! - 5/23/2019

  • Jesse Topliffe Avatar
    Jesse Topliffe

    Small Business Website Packages 1 Hands down the best designers around. 8 restaurants in and we have yet to be disappointed. Phenomenal support and care. Highly recommend. - 9/12/2017

The Difference Small Business Website Packages Can Make

Our small business website packages put you ahead of your competition – all while acting as a 24/7 salesman to help your business grow.


The hard truth is that some 64% of small businesses in the United States don’t have a website.

You might feel that your business is “too small” for a website – but the reality is that you’re letting profits flow to your competitors.

80% of consumers research their choices before visiting a business or making a purchase, meaning your business website is a critical step in generating leads and sales.

If you’re among the 82% of small businesses experiencing cash flow issues, then a small business website is a no-brainer.

No ifs… and no buts!

Having a website puts you ahead of 64% of small businesses. An appealing, optimized site also puts you ahead of businesses with outdated, slow, and disorganized websites.

But that’s not all.

Well-designed, optimized small business websites can put you at the top of Google – and in pole position to get the cream of the crop when it comes to leads.

Simply put, a website is key to your growth and profits.

Website Design Packages by Small Business – for Small Business

Small businesses like yours are the backbone of the American economy, creating 65% of new jobs since 1995 – yet they are also the most vulnerable.

MacMillan Design is a small business dedicated to helping other small businesses to succeed. Our founder comes from a family of small business owners and has bootstrapped and started three small businesses.

We know what makes you tick – and we believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients where everyone wins and grow together.

After 23 years of building small business websites, we’ve got the mindset and the know-how to build sites that bring business to your door.

Maximize Your Leads, Conversions, and Profits…

…with an Optimized Small Business Website!

However, it’s not just enough to have a simple website these days.

To attract the best customers and keep them interested, your website needs to excel in several areas:

  • LOCAL VISIBILITY: Put your business at the top of Google, where 80% of your customers are looking for you. If you’re not there, you don’t exist!
  • MOBILE-FRIENDLY: 50% of website traffic today comes from smartphones. Our gorgeous, mobile-responsive sites look good on device screens of all sizes
  • FAST LOADING: Nobody likes to be kept waiting. A quick, snappy site keeps your leads right where you want them – and not hitting the ‘back’ button away
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Good looks and easy access are essential to a good website experience – our sites make it easy for your leads to find what they want
  • SAFE & SECURE: 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses who don’t have the time, know-how and resources to react accordingly. We do. All our small website packages come with rock-solid security to protect you and your visitors
  • SOLID HOSTING: Site downtime kills business and drives away leads. Our rock-solid hosting keeps your website up and running, secure, backed up, and fast.
  • GREAT CONTENT: In the age of information, useful articles, blogging, and engaging about pages are all key to all your online endeavors

If that sounds like a lot of effort, it is. Often, getting this work done requires working with multiple vendors.

Our small business website design packages provide all you need in one place, with a unified strategy. Pick the package that’s best for you, throw in a few add-ons, and we get to work.

You focus on what you do best, while our team designs a powerfully effective small business website that puts you at the top, where you belong.

At the same time, you’ll save on lost time, wasted money, and stressful hassle.

After all, business is complicated enough – why add to your worries?

Our Small Business Web Design Packages Deliver Exceptional Results


Get Website Design Add-Ons Based on Your Unique Needs

Small business is all about great vision. Your website and online presence are all about getting that vision across to your target market with a message they understand and act on.

Our hassle-free small business web design packages provide all you need for a compelling business website.

Our optional add-ons make it easy to tailor everything to your own unique needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get expert SEO services for small businesses to hit the first page of Google for search results local to your area, putting you ahead of rivals when people seek your services.

Market Research

Effective online marketing and advertising all starts with in-depth market research. Get to know your target market inside-out – and how to press all the right buttons so that they come running to you.

Logo Design

No logo? No problem. Our logo experts will not only create a distinctive logo for you but also develop a branding color palette that gives your entire website a unique look that is instantly recognizable to others

Landing Page Design

Set yourself apart from competitors with gorgeous landing pages designed to keep leads reading until they convert. Our designers use the latest design principles for a fresh, modern look that makes your offers irresistible

Topic Clusters

This cutting-edge technique can create insanely powerful search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. We will research, write, design and build these for you. In the meantime, we recommend you get as much rest as you can because you’re about to be very busy at the top of Google.

Google Adwords Campaign

Give your business a visibility boost for targeted keywords with expert Google AdWords campaigns. Making sure your audience sees your brand first is a great way to drive revenue fast.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Step out of the clutter of people’s email inboxes and go old school with direct mail campaigns hot off the press into your target market’s mailboxes with this specialized service, now available for location-based companies

Ecommerce Storefronts

Take advantage of a growing, multi-trillion-dollar industry with an optimized ecommerce store that makes buying your products as simple as a click – whether you’re selling worldwide or looking for a simple local online shop, we can help

Security Maintenance Plans

Keep your website safe and secure with ongoing security maintenance plans. Our plans keep your website up to date with the latest tech to protect your website from hackers while securing your data, keeping you and your customers safe

Ongoing Monthly SEO Plans

Our packages come with up to three months of SEO, but don’t stop there. Your competitors won’t. Stay one step ahead of competitors and on top of the latest SEO trends keep your website on the first page of Google search results for your preferred keywords with hassle-free ongoing SEO services.

Monthly Blog Writing Services

Our weekly, monthly or one-at-a-time blog service will provide content marketing you can be proud to call your own. Rest easy while we build your website into a content marketing SEO powerhouse.

Other Ongoing Services

Get ongoing help after your site is complete with multiple areas of online business and marketing – from Facebook ads and content marketing through to ADA compliance and more – contact us to find out how we can help you

Need help deciding what package or add-ons you need?

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation session!

Get Your Small Business Website Package Today

It’s time to give your small business the online visibility it deserves with a professional small business website that attracts your perfect customers effortlessly.

Getting started is as simple as choosing from one of the packages below. You’re just one click away from building a powerful online presence that becomes one of your most valuable assets!

Got questions? Click here to contact us today and kickstart a free initial consultation and discover how our small business website packages can help you to grow and thrive.

Website Packages & Pricing

Our pricing is simple. Select a website package below, add a couple preferences, and we’ll get started on your custom website!

Small Business Premium
$6000Full Throttle Growth
  • Custom-Designed Website
  • Three months of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service
  • 10 Pages, 700 words of premium expert, custom Search Engine Optimized content
  • 20 Blog Recommended Topic List
  • 2 750-word Blog Posts of Your Choice
  • Custom List of your top 20 "Easy Win" Keywords
  • Top 5 Online Competitor Analysis
  • 1 Year of Hosting*
  • 30%-Off 3 Months of Google AdWords Management
  • 20%-Off 1 Super-powerful SEO Topic Cluster
Small Business GrowerMost Popular
$4000Hit the Gas for Faster Growth
  • Custom-Designed Website
  • Three months of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service
  • 7 Pages, 300 words each of professional, custom Search Engine Optimized content
  • 20 Blog Recommended Topic List
  • 2 500-word Blog Posts of Your Choice
  • Custom List of your top 20 "Easy Win" Keywords
  • Top 5 Online Competitor Analysis
  • 1 Year of Hosting*
  • 25%-Off 3 Months of Google AdWords Management
  • 15%-Off 1 Super-powerful SEO Topic Cluster
Small Business Starter
$1800All the basics to get you up and running
  • Custom-Designed Website
  • 7 Pages of your content*
  • 15 Blog Recommended Topic List
  • Addition and Layout of up to 10 blogs*
  • Custom list of 15 "Easy Win" keywords based on our research
  • Top 3 online competitor analysis
  • 2 500-word Blog Posts of Your Choice
  • 1 Year of Hosting**
  • 20%-Off 3 months of Your Choice of SEO or Google AdWords Management***

    *All content must be provided before work can begin.
**Hosting provided in the first year from the day of completion. $275 per year every year after. We can transfer your site to the hosting company of your preference upon request.
***Cost of Google AdWords bidding and placement not included. 

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