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Every website needs space on a server that holds the files, images, etc. that make up the site itself and allows users to access it on the web. Hosting provides this service, and there are a lot of web hosting services out there. However, if you want your website to be up, running, updated and secure, you’ll want to choose carefully.

All of our web packages come with one year of hosting, and we only offer web hosting to our website clients. We take our site security and availability as serious as we do our SEO and cutting-edge design. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll want to keep MacMillan Design for hosting after your website is off and running.

Secure & Fast WordPress Hosting


System Wide Updates

We keep your site secure and updated regularly, including updates to plug-ins.


No Group Hosting

Group hosting is how you get hacked. We use individual servers for each client.


Fast, Faster or Fastest

We can increase your site speed as needed, from fast to lightning quick.


Any Site, Any Size

Our hosting is infinitely scalable. Your site will never be too big or too small.


Back It Up

Your site will always have a backup on file, and backups are included with hosting.


Competitive Pricing

After your year free with your web package, our yearly hosting fee beats the competition.

Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing

Your web package from MacMillan Design comes with one year of hosting built in. After that, it's an annual fee that beats competitors.


Managed WordPress


Annually, Per Hosting

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